Band Members :
Kaushal LS - Vocals
Prateek Rajagopal - Guitars
Gurdip Singh Narang - Bass
Aaron Pinto - Drums

Gutslit is a Brutal Death Grind band from Mumbai, formed in November 2007. The band display cut-throat musical precision and blistering speeds meshed with their intense song writing. Gutslit has adapted various styles of death metal and grind core into their own brutal array of grinding riffs, pummeling blasts, vicious bass grooves and chilling gutturals. Thus, making Gutslit the finest and filthiest extreme band to hail from India. They released their debut music on a split album titled 'Contorted Mutilation' (Cataleptic Remains Prds) with French goregrind veterans 'Pulmonary Fibrosis'. Their album, titled 'Skewered in the Sewer' would be the bands first full-length, released worldwide by Ghastly Records and Coyote Records in 2013. The release of 'Skewered in the Sewer' was exactly what was needed to not only get wide spread attention, but to also get Gutslit booked on numerous international live appearances. The band went on to appear at festivals such as, Obsence Extreme Fest, Deathfest Open Air, Big 69 Fest, Bangalore Open Air, Brutal Assault Festival and more. Gutslit was the first band from India to appear at prestigious international festivals such as Obsence Extreme Fest, Deathfest Open Air and Brutal Assault Festival. Appropriately titled 'Amputheatre', it was released by Transcending Obscurity Records in 2017.

Split Album 'Contorted Mutilation' 2009 Track List :

Pulmonary Fibrosis
1. Rancid Coprophagous Blists
2. Lying On My Pits
3. Frying On Guts & Vile
4. Rectal Spinal Boiling Slaughter

5. Contorted Mutilation (Intro)
6. Boiled In Bile
7. Eviscerating The Stillborn  YouTube
8. Catherine Wheel  YouTube

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Album 'Skewered In The Sewer' 2013 Track List :

1. Prelude To Putrification
2. Pustulated Phallic Enthralment  YouTube 
3. Offal Barter
4. Circumcised With A Chainsaw ft. Mallika Sundaramurthy  YouTube  
5. Atrophic Cranial Disintegration  YouTube 
6. Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard
7. Pulp Face
8. Maze of Entrails
9. Skewered In The Sewer

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Album 'Amputheatre' 2017 Track List :

1. Amputheatre  YouTube 
2. Brazen Bull  YouTube
3. From One Ear To Another  Video YouTube
4. Necktie Party  YouTube
5. Blood Eagle  YouTube
6. Brodequin  Video YouTube
7. Maraschino Eyeballs  YouTube
8. Scaphism  Video YouTube
9. Death Hammer  YouTube

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