Ground Zero formerly known as "13AD"

Band Members :
Darshan Shankar - Vocals
Eloy Isaccs - Guitars / Vocals
Paul K Joseph - Bass
Rajesh - Drums

Ground Zero (formerly known as '13 AD') is a prominent Classic Rock band from Kochi (Kerala), formed in 1977-1995 and re-union in 2008, but now based out in Dubai (UAE). With the onslaught of more pure rock bands emerging throughout the world, 13AD saw no slow movement in their high octane performance that gained them instant popularity and success. 13AD took it to the limit by singing a record deal and furious touring with a series of lineup changes. With the release of their debut album 'Ground Zero' (1989), the band grabbed the attention of young India and were the school masters for playing A-grade rock in India. India's foremost band took cities by storm playing note for note perfection and classic rock merged with unbeatable talent. After relentless travelling, the band brought out another album 'Tough on the Streets'(1992). With two albums, they took to the road and without anyone to stop them, they unveiled their rock prowess by silencing the traditional music scene. What seemed to have missed for years finally came into being. With this new equation, right chemistry and attitude the band rechristened themselves as Ground Zero (after their popular song and album). Even now, nearly thirty years after they formed, Ground Zero can perform with passion and aggressive like no-one else. Ground Zero's brilliant mix of musicians are bench marks few in the rock community can equal, let along top. One thing is for sure. The five of them were predestined to come together. This band is not about any one person but five musicians who love to make music together, defy expectations and expand their musical horizons on this new path.

Album 'Ground Zero' 1989 Track List :

1. Bad Taste
2. Ground Zero  YouTube 
3. Desolate Prisoner
4. Your Company
5. Down Deep
6. Won't Give Up
7. Revelation
8. Fortune's Domain
9. Can't Make Up My Mind  YouTube
10. City Blues
11. Rocking In Faith

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Album 'Tough On The Streets' 1992 Track List :

1. Tough On The Streets 
2. Blackmail
3. Lonely Inserstion
4. Wasted Virtues
5. Sweet Angel
6. Feel The Steel
7. Breaking Point
8. Catherine
9. Alien Signals
10. Shots of Ecstacy

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Single Track List :

1. Little Faith
2. Miss You In A Heartbeat

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