Between Chords

Band Members :
Binayak Khatri - Guitars / Vocals
Rohit aka 'Fret Molester' Banerjee - Guitars / Vocals
Ipshit Bharadwaj - Bass
Sabyasachi Barik - Drums

Between Chords is an Experimental / Grunge band from Bangalore, formed in July 2011. The band started recording demos and jamming to give the globe a new sound. Experimenting with genres like grunge, funk, punk, progressive and psychedelia, the band has come up with a new sandwich sound. So prepare to be blown by the raw power and energy emitted by those amps because who needs action when you got chords. The band has changed its name to Vintage Frequency.

Single Track List :

1. Obsessions And Compulsions
2. Across This Line
3. Away Away I Go
4. Evolutions And Revolutions
5. Rhythm Shy

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. kool man this band rocks.......

  2. the songs rock wating for some more mind blowing songs.........

  3. this band needs some more time to work hard and i m sure success shall kiss their feet :-)

  4. plz some more songs as fast as possible

  5. karan thr rocker.......\m/August 30, 2011 at 1:18 PM

    when can we see you live.........\m/

  6. hey thanx for all the comments and support...We'll be soon be uploading more songs and playing live shows..cheers...

  7. between chords when can we have u live........
    plz notify me if any live shows comming up

  8. dragon ballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzSeptember 2, 2011 at 8:43 AM

    where do u guys belong to ...... nice tracks
    gudluck....... god bless u all

  9. @shruti_arrora don't wry u'll get all the live show dates n all,...n it wont be long now...n dragon ballzzzzzzzzzzzzzz vr from Bangalore...

  10. n also thank you dragon ballzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

  11. ya guys me n my palz hav gone crazy abt your band and we dien to c u live ...... ur bands drummer drums well n da vocalist too rocks.......

  12. Across this Line is my ring tone now n i love dat song..........
    "walk with me accross this line
    let me find u there this time
    hope you look into my mind
    cuz i tell u i'm not lien...."

    this song rocks da nation......

  13. kindly upload some solo piks with profile of each member we would like to know whoz who.......


  14. Thanx for the appreciation and support. we're glad to hear that u ppl hav a thing for our music. We will be uploading more singles in the near future...we will b going live at the end of this month..and u can also check our band page at facebook...http://www.facebook.com/pages/Between-Chords/133207106766220

  15. The band is awesome and rocking,its a good start up,Great going n

  16. You guys rock ! Kool tracks.. I'm just keeping my fingers crosd for ur success ! All the best! :)

  17. loving listning to your tracks......
    between chords rock

  18. between chords rocks.......
    all da very best.....

  19. every time i hear the songs it transports me to a diffrent world

  20. hey guyz u all rock can we have ur number incase we invite between chords to our college.......

  21. lovely songs...... love u all
    the bassist and the drummer did a gud job......
    god bless u with more music......

  22. keerti muthappa lomaniSeptember 20, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    lifz good with between chords music......

  23. Thanx you all for ur generous and encouraging comments..we posted a new demo called 'Away away i go'..plz check it out...the recording is rough so bear with us...@ Mohit u can contact us at 9945453728...Cheers...

  24. plz check out our live video's on youtube n facebook...