Band Members :
Kanishk Mehta aka. 'DD' - Vocals / Guitars

Chokfite (pronounced as ‘chalk-fight’) is a Rock / Alternative / Progressive band from Delhi, formed in 2009. Being a five piece band with each member from a different background, naturally the influences of the band are quite a few varying from Alternative to Progressive Rock and even Psychedelic Rock, Chokfite's music is characterized by ‘let go’ vocals and fills, punk / grunge and rock & roll influenced rhythm guitars with Blues influenced lead guitar, haunting synth effects and drum beats that ‘make a statement’, all complemented by a combination of mature, poetic & contradictory ‘i-don’t-wanna-grow-up’ song writing. The band also tries to bring in a flavor of Psychedelic / Experimental Rock with prolonged keyboard, guitar and drum solos which forms as essential part of their music.

Single Track List :

1. Someone Better Than Me
 2. To A Friend With Whom I Have No Ties
3. Quarterlife Crysis
4. Cheating Class
5. Love, Life And Warthogs
6. Ek Bahana

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  1. hey thanx siddharth for this lovely blog of our band..thanks for promoting..cheers!!!\m/

  2. hey man.......................find your music highly inspirational...........and a singer and guitarist myself...........................love ur music