Crystal And The Witches

Band Members :
Diwash Rai - Vocals / Guitars [Flashflood]
Shakhil Tamang - Guitars
Tenzing Loden Bhutia - Bass [Revelations]
Thupden Bhutia - Drums [Psychotic Suicide/Crazy Guns/Dire Threat/Sinister Violence]

Crystal And The Witches [CATW] is a Thrash Metal band from Gangtok (Sikkim), formed in 2006. The band was formed in by Diwash and Tenzing with other members in Kolkata and played more than hundred shows in Kolkata and other parts of India during the span of 2006 to 2008. After that Diwash went to mumbai for his sound engineering degree from SAE Mumbai and Tenzing went to Bangalore to pursue his higher studies. The band was again reformed in the end of 2013 when both got back home and shifted the band base from Kolkata to Gangtok with their new drummer Thupden.

Album 'Dynasty' 2018 Track List :

1. Sikkim
2. Knifehead
3. Trapped
4. Circles
5. Faith Is A Weapon  YouTube 
6. Martyr
7. Dynasty
8. The Ocean  Video 
9. Disengage
10. Possessed
11. Metal Army (Cover)
12. Outro

Single Track List :

1. Resurrection
2. Am I You
3. Alter of Hipocrites 
4. Fragmented To Live
5. Catastrophe
6. Midnight Roses
7. Life Beneath Your Feet
8. Blinded
9. Trapped

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