Band Members :
Bijoy Thangaraj
Satish Shantraj
Sumith Shantraj

Ehsaas is a Contemporary Indian Gospel band from Bangalore, formed in August 2009. Ehsaas brings you a unique collection of meaningful inspirational gospel songs packed with contemporary music. Ranging from electronic to acoustic, the music is highly engaging and rings in your ears again and again even after listening. Moreover, with unique singing styles of Satish, Sumith and Bijoy, the album offers variety in the songs. Ehsaas communicates the meaning of God’s love and encourages walking with the Lord always acknowledging His blessings and His presence. Ehsaas is a contemporary Christian gospel band with power packed music, inspiring lyrics and high-energy vocals with the ability to create deep positive impact in the hearts of the listener.  

Album 'Ehsaas' 2010 Track List :

1. Ehsaas  YouTube 
2. Bhoole Koi
3. Rahon Mein Kaante
4. Hum Toh Yun
5. Tu Chale
6. Samarpith  YouTube 
7. Kaise Mana Karoon
8. Humne Na Kabhi Socha Ye
9. Ek Ummeed (Instrumental)
10. Mahima Ho Yeeshu Ki  YouTube 

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Album 'Ehsaas 2' 2017 Track List :

 1. Ehsaas Hai (ft.Akhila)
2. Chalo Tum Saath Saath
3. Himmat Na Harna (ft.Steve Alfred)  YouTube  
4. Hum Sir Jhukaye
5. Darna Nahin
6. Safar (ft.Aravind Nair & Akhila)
7. Nai Manzil (ft.Matt Kellen)
8. Khoya Khoya (ft.Godly Darius)  Video  
9. Musafir  Mp3 YouTube 
10. Aatha Hun Tere  Video  
11. Teri Aradhana
12. Ye Hamare Pitha (Lord's Prayer)

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