Band Members :
Siddie - Vocals / Guitars
Sloth - Bass
Rad - Drums
Surd - Guitars / Vocals / Sampling

Microfiches is an Alternative / Garage / Shoegaze band from Pune. The band is a collection of unsatisfied individuals, who have a lot to say, and they use any sonic help to make their viewpoints sound good. Their primary influence is Alternative and Indie Rock, but they use the sounds of any genre in their music, if the need be. They make noise, systematic noise. Combined with some vocals that suits the music perfectly. They have some indescribable outburst from time to time, but still, it’s brilliant. Although, it can probably be good music to have as a background noise while you daydream.

Album 'The Works of Bankruptcy' 2009 Track List :

1. The Moment
2. Drugged Nerves  Video 
3. Loose Ends
4. Floor  Video 
5. Keep The Change
6. Japanese Schoolgirls
7. Dressed Up Psycho
8. Daydream On

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Album 'Distorted Dreams' 2010 Track List :

1. Commotion
2. Replace Me
3. Soundtrack of A Homeless
4. Machine Choir
5. When The Dust Settles
6. Re-tired
7. Lest We Forget
8. Plan B
9. (Bonus Track) Commotion (Punch Harder)

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Single Track List :

1. Out of The Box  Video 

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