Naked Earth

Band Members :
Niel - Vocals
Austin - Lead Guitars
Gilroy - Rhythm Guitars
Melroy - Bass
Irwie - Drums


Naked Earth was a Legendary Speed Metal band from Mumbai, formed in January 1997. The band was conceptualised by skin basher Irwie who along with Austin started on a mission to fill the void of quality speed metal bands at the time. They were soon joined by Niel, Gilroy, Merrill and Melroy in that order to create one of the most destructive live acts Mumbai has seen in recent times. The band got support from magazines Jam and RSJ and newspapers Bombay Times, Mid-Day, The Afternoon, Asian Age which covered their shows at various venues most of them carrying full page articles on the band. Besides the print media, bands originals were played on Rock Bottom hour and the band also got some live coverage on Channel V and In Mumbai. Naked Earths first album titled "Live in the studio - Unlooped" was released in Feb 2001 and has been widely distributed in the underground scene. Audience polls reveal Spitfire as the crowd favourite followed by Demon Seed. The bands has a wide repertoire of songs ranging from rock, metal, grunge and new age and can enthral audiences in almost any environment. The band has the distinction of having the most crowd ever for a gig at Razzberry Rhinocerus. Naked Earth has a major hand in influencing the current rock scene in Mumbai, years of live experience behind them resulting in consistent kick ass live performances.

Single Track List :

1. Spitfire  
2. Demon Seed  
3. Voyage
4. Scarface
 5. Black Noise
 6. Acid Attack

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