Band Members :
Gary Gracious - Vocals
Gilroy Fernandes - Guitars
Ronojoy Barooah - Guitars
Janus Sayyal - Bass
Aniket Waghmode - Drums

Sceptre is a Thrash Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 1998. Having developed a formidable reputation with their live shows they have always been crowd pullers. These guys been on the local metal scene for long years now. They've have been going strong ever since. Their music slips most comfortably into the thrash-metal genre. Music-wise Sceptre are an angry bunch and their lyrics are a dead giveaway. There's angst and there's aggression, there's rebellion and there's revolution. One of India’s biggest metal bands, which has shaped the face of Indian metal over the years. After a long time in haitus (from 2008), they are back in early 2013.

EP 'Sceptre' 1999 Track List :

1. Nuclear  YouTube
2. Revolution  YouTube
3. Charred  YouTube
4. Twilight's End  YouTube

Album 'Now Or Never' 2008 Track List :

1. Oceans Of Dreams  YouTube
2. Incomplete  YouTube
3. Nuclear  YouTube
4. Now Or Never  YouTube
5. Enemy  YouTube
6. Charred  YouTube
7. Twilight's End  YouTube
8. Quicksand  YouTube
9. Search  YouTube
10. Circles Of Silence  YouTube
11. Revolution  YouTube

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Link 1  Link 2

Album 'Age of Calamity' 2013 Track List :

1. Solitude  YouTube 
 2. Age of Calamity  YouTube 
3. Wrath of God  Live YouTube 
 4. Prophesy Deceit  YouTube 
 5. Lake of The Traitor  YouTube 
6. Fatal Delay  YouTube 
7. 7 Seals  YouTube 
8. Parasites (Of The State)  YouTube 
9. Judgement Day (End - A new Beginning)  YouTube 
10. Lest We Forget  YouTube

Download The Album
Link 1  Link 2

EP 'One Shot One Kill' 2019 Track List :

1. Sufferance  YouTube 
2. One Shot One Kill  YouTube 
3. Flesh Eaters  YouTube 
4. Fear The Mob  YouTube 
5. Hate Infested (Bonus Track)  Video YouTube 

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