Shaa'ir + Func

Band Members :
Monica Sharma Dogra
Randolph Savio Rosario Correia

Shaa'ir + Func is an Alternative / Electronica band from Mumbai, formed in 2005. Arguably the most commercially successful indie bands in India right now, Shaa’ir + func are certainly on their way to being the most prolific. Shaa’ir + func, commonly known as S+F, have already garnered recognition as VH1’s top emerging artists of 2007, best independent artists of 2008 (VH1), nominations from the AVIMA foundation as Best Dance Act in South-East Asia in 2009, and recognition from the Jack Daniel Rock Awards for best female front-woman of a band. Their music includes a heavy dose of experimentation within the popular and cutting edge genres of dance / electronic / and rock music, while retaining a world pop accessibility. S+F can’t stop, won’t stop, and seem to be riding some sort of magic carpet that was created by the eastern winds specifically for them – This carpet has carried them to play at the Big Chill Festival UK, Glastonbury UK, Oya Festival Norway, C/O Pop Germany, On The River Fest UK, India Festival Amsterdam, Nokia Music Festival Dubai, MIDEM Music Conference France to name a few. Ambassador’s for what they call The New India, S+F’s music is as explosive and flavoursome as India’s cuisine itself; a suitable metaphor for the versatility of these punk, guru-esque, elctro-folk, soul-funk, down and up-beat musicians of the world.

Album 'New Day : The Love Album' 2007 Track List :

1. It’s Probably That
2. Broken  Video (CNN)Video
3. Hit  Video  
4. Government  Video
5. Juxtapose  Video 
6. Swirl
7. It’s Probably This
8. Moonlight
9. New Day
10. Oops  Video
11. Secret  Video 
12. Swirl
13. Hit.
14. Government
15. Broken
16. Another Secret
17. Juxtapose
18. New Day
19. Parles and Chai

Album 'Light Tribe' 2008 Track List :

1. Light Tribe
2. Together Again (Lavender Night)
3. Together Again
4. Lord Inside
5. You + Me
6. Embrace
7. Freedom
8. Do It Again
9. Who Says
10. Put Myself Together
11. Fill My Colours

12. Across The Universe
13. Place Of Fascination
14. Hard To Forget
15. Her Story
16. Selling Our Souls
17. I Get Up – Put Myself Together
18. Dummy
19. More Blessing Than Not (Embrace)
20. Ready For My Wings

Album 'Mantis' 2010 Track List :

1. We Are Not Alone
2. Hyperbole
3. Take It Personally
4. Prophecy
5. Everytime You're Around  Video 
6. My Roots
7. Freeze You
8. Love Love Love
9. Shine
10. Sexy Scam
11. Goodbye Cruel World

Album 'Re:cover' 2014 Track List :

1. Hard To Forget  YouTube 
2. Hit  YouTube 
3. Freedom  YouTube 
4. New Day  YouTube 
5. Who Says  YouTube 
6. Do It Again  Video YouTube 
7. Juxtapose  Video YouTube 
8. Swirl  YouTube 

Album 'Align' 2014 Track List :

1. All Your Lies  YouTube 
2. Drink More Water
3. Reach
4. The Way You Look Tonight
5. Look Into Your Heart
6. Align
7. Make Me
8. Wake Up  Video 
9. Eating Sunlight
10. Get You Lost
11. Stay  Video 
12. Forever

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