Band Members :
Trivinesh Subba - Vocals
Gautam Singh - Guitars
Ravi Singh - Bass
Ribesh Gurung - Drums

Sycorax is a Death Metal band from Darjeeling, formed in January 2011. Sycorax is a band that plays heavy metal music and can be associated with many of its sub genre, with no one genre in particular to fit the musical style of the band, they have coined themselves as a band that plays "Pavitra Gorkha Metal".

EP 'Psychedelic Evolution' Track List :

1. Spell With A Vengeance (Intro)  Mp3 
2. Suicidal Menifestations
3. Weapon of Choice
4. Nocnitsa
5. Ruins of The Forgotten
6. Designing Eradication

Album 'Sycotherapy' Track List : [Not Yet Released]

:Track list not yet revealed:

Single Track List : 

1. Scrying
2. Harlequin of Hate
3. Domination of Blind Faith
4. My God's Requiem
5. Blue Ashes
6. Psychotic Path  Live  
7. The Fallen Miscreation  YouTube 
8. Death Struggle Craft
9. Weapon of Choice

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  1. The Band name SYCORAX is given by me :) ! half man and half beast....Congratulations!