The Eternal Twilight

Band Members :
Abbas Haider (Pakistan) - Piano / Drums / Vocals / Guitars
Noor Kadiwala (India) - Atmospherics / Soundscapes
Quinn Montoya (USA) - Guitars / Beats / Effects and Mastering
Christian Erfurt (Germany) - Ambient Guitars / Textures and Soundscapes

The Eternal Twilight is an Ambient / Post Rock band consisting two members from Mumbai (India) and Rawalpindi (Pakistan). Project got strong base and idea when both of the members found that they have some other mutual musical interests apart from Metal. Two more members, Christian Erfurt and Quinn Montoya joined the project. Thus making TET a multi national project. TET plays music heavily inspired by Ambient, Post-Rock, Shoegaze and Drone etc.

Demo 'The Eternal Twilight' 2009 Track List :

1. Untitled#3 : Samskeyti(Attachment) (Sigur Ros Cover)
2. Elevation
3. Stars of Our Beloved
4. Gazing Through The Endless Fragments of Clouds
5. The Sky Is No More A Friend, Goodbye To You

Album 'Everything Resembles You' 2011 Track List :

1. We Grow Up Everyday, Every Moment...  Mp3 Download YouTube 
2. Every Morning The Sun Shines After You...
3. The Child  YouTube 
4. When We Were Not What We Are...  YouTube 
5. Stars of Our Beloved  YouTube 
 6. Sky Is No More A Friend (feat. My Cats A Starqazer)  YouTube 
 7. Out of Focus, Out of Sight & Suddenly Out of Reach (feat. Christian Erfurt)
 8. Dim Lights and Cold Himalayan Nights
 9. Nothing Like A Better Yesterday...
 10. Outro

EP 'Another Quiet Day' 2011 Track List :

1. Another Quiet Morning : October, Hills and You  Video 
2. Another Quiet Afternoon
3. Another Quiet Evening
4. Another Quiet Night
5. Another Quiet Night Alternate (Bonus)
6. Sky Is No More A Friend : A Goodbye (Bonus)

Album 'Dronescapes' 2014 Track List :

1. A Year of You (Version 2)  YouTube 
2. Forgotten 1
3. Forgotten 2
4. A Beautiful Departure
5. Billions
6. Erased
7. Gluck
8. Perihelion
9. Seven Seas

Single Track List

1. Fading Into This Air (More Hope For Japan)  YouTube  
2. Under The Starlit Sky  Mp3 YouTube 
3. This Landscape Is Not The Same Without You  Mp3  
4. Perihelion / Har Ki Doon March  YouTube 

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  1. Thanks for posting it here.

    Just some correction.

    Necktarium and Abyssed are projects of Abbas.

    Mine, is, Bleak Emptiness.


  2. Feel free to add youtube music videos (uploaded two music videos on channel).