The Mangalz

Band Members :
Tenzing Dinglo - Vocals
Haggai - Guitars
Daarjey - Guitars
Baba - Bass

Sachin - Drums

The Mangalz is a Metal band from Itanagar / Delhi, formed in 2008. 'The Mangalz' signifies the power and ferocity of planet mars. This is a 5 piece member band with a calling about standing out against the day to day social injustice and malice of which everyone is ‘accustomed’ to. ‘Corruption’ a single word which rules the entire scenario of their states and blindfolds our inner eye to see the humanity within themselves. They as ‘The Mangalz’ want to spread this news of uprising and revolution within themselves through the words of their music.

EP 'Nanhe Aatanki' 2010 Track List :

1. Nanhe Aatanki  Video
2. Alvida  Video  
3. Kali Pari  Video
4. Nayi Shuruwat
5. Teri Yaadon Main  Video 

Single Track List :

1. Ek Sawaal  Video
2. Kaash
3. Naqaab  YouTube
4. Pukaar 
5. The Valentine's Song  YouTube 

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