Band Members :
Akber Ali - Vocals
Abhijeet Ramgir - Guitars
Aksheya Chandar - Guitars
Amit Moolani - Bass
Abhishek - Drums

Upheaval is a Metalcore band from Pune. The roots of the band trace back to a few years back, around 2005-2006 when Abhijeet, Akber and former bassist Yash got together and started jamming, in hope of establishing a successful metalcore band. Heavily influenced by bands such as Lamb of God, they frequently covered many of their famous songs along with their own originals. The music of this band has grown from straight forward metal to more and more technical, complicated riffs and drumming patterns. Elements of various types of genres are fused in different ways to create, in their eyes, the perfect metal song.

Single Track List :

1. Pain
2. Rebel
3. Upheaval

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