Band Members :
Arenla Subong - Vocals / Bamhum
Moa Subong - Guitars / Bamhum / Harmonica / Tikzik
Meren - Bass
Aso - Drums / Percussion / Tikzik

Abiogenesis is a Folk-Fusion band from Dimapur (Nagaland), formed in 1992 and has been performing since 2005. They describe their sound as a form of world music called ‘Howey music’. Frontman Moa Subong One performs with a wind instrument he has invented called the bamhum. Not satisfied with just playing mainstream music and their hunger to take music to a higher level, the band went further into exploration and experimentation which resulted in a new form of world music. Abiogenesis is the only band in the world that plays Howey & Bamhum. Known for their energetic and lively acts, they have performed in many places in India, Thailand and Myanmar.

Making Proud :  Their album 'Aeon Spell', 'Rustic Relish' and 'Slice of Heaven'  were listed for nominations in the Grammys and is the only band in the world to play Howey & Bamhum (instruments).

Album 'Midnight Whispers' 2003 Track List :

1. Final Say
2. Rescue Me
3. Leisure
4. For A WorldFree Of AIDS
5. Don't Give Up
6. Nagaland
7. Memories Don't Fade
8. Midnight Whispers
9. Under Heaven
10. Say No! To The Deciever


Album 'Christmas!Christmas!' 2003 Track List :

1. A King Is Born
2. Toast To Christmas
3. Christmas! Christmas!
4. This Is Christmas
5. Joy To The World
6. Joy Eternal
7. Hail! The New Born King
8. Merry Christmas! From Me to You

Album 'Aeon Spell' 2007 Track List :

1. Saramati Tears  Video
2. Undiluted Love
3. You're Breaking Me
4. Right Direction
5. Bamhum Shake
6. Wah Taj!
7. Misty Dzukou
8. Magic of Love
9. Hitch Hiker  Live 
10. Lonely Drifter

Album 'Rustic Relish' 2008 Track List :

1. Yearning For Tomorrow
2. Right Now  Live 
3. Child's Mood
4. Love Ignited
5. Nap In The Couch
6. Rumble Tumble
7. Whispering Mountains

8. Be Free Like A Bird
9. Say
10. Cry of The Wounded

Album Slice of Heaven 2010 Track List :

1. Gazing At the Moon
2. Riverside
3. Mesmerised
4. Oja's Love (Mother's Love)  Video 
5. Love Me Now
6. Tell Me Mother Nature
7. Community At Work
8. Spare A Little Time For Me
9. Modern Infrastructure
10. Medley

Album 'Legacy of The Mountains' 2012 Track List :

1. Wake Up Call
2. Time For A Change
3. Voices of Kisama  Video 

4. In The Name of
5. World Beneath The Rainbow
6. Stroll In The Village
7. Along In The Wilderness

Compilation Album 'Evoke' 2015 Track List :

1. Be Free Like A Bird
2. Child's Mood
3. Love Ignited
4. Nap In The Couch
5. Right Now
6. Rumble Tumble
7. Whispering Mountains
8. Yearning For Tomorrow
9. Community At Work
10. Gazing At The Moon
11. Mesmerized
12. Oja's Love (Mother's Love)
13. Spare A Little Time For Me
14. Mother Nature
15. Say No! To The Deceiver
16. Urd1

Single Track List :

1. Spell Peace
2. Return of The Son  Video 
3. Up On The Mountains  Video 

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  1. Vote for Abiogenesis, they are listed in the alternative rock category in Artist Aloud Music Awards: Send sms votes :
    AAA 67 to 54646

  2. Arenla's loud vocal gave me chills to the bone. Genius band!

    (ICCR’s Horizon Series)
    Organiser: Indian Council For Cultural Relations,
    Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. Of India
    Venue: Azad Bhawan Auditorium, IP Estate, New Delhi
    Date: 16th August 2013
    Time : 7pm to 8pm
    Entry : Free (Children upto 8 years not allowed)
    Pls be seated by 6.45 pm.
    Performed in 5 countries, India, Bhutan, Russia, Thailand & Myanmar.
    Music listed for nominations in the Grammys.
    Genre; Folk Fusion
    Bamhum: A new wind musical bamboo instrument invented by a band member Moa.
    Abiogenesis, Nagaland: 09436003009
    ICCR, New Delhi: 011 23379310
    Band members :
    1. Arenla Subong – Vocals / Lead Bamhum.
    2. Moa Subong - Bamhum / Guitar / Harmonica.
    3. Kora Aier- Bass
    5. Jekhiu Yim - Drums/ Percussions.

  4. Dear Admin., your introduction and description of the band says it all. This is truly one such Indian band that stands out! So uniquely incredible! Respect!