Band Members :
Utkarsh Golatkar - Vocals
Onkar Tarkase - Guitars / Programming and Production 
Varun Verma - Guitars 
Harish Lanka - Bass
Abhishek Majumdar - Drums

Chaoskampf is a Progressive Metal band from Pune, formed in April 2011. It started as a solo project of Onkar with Vladimir Van Drachen with later addition of Arjun under the name "Beyond Death" which later dis-banded in 2009. After a gap of two years, Onkar returned with an intention of starting his own metal project and discussed the idea with Vladimir, who signed up as vocalist immediately. Later Vladimir Van Drachen had to leave the project due to his other commitments allowing Onkar to add guest vocalists on the project. Chaoskampf was launched with a view to introduce a certain change in the generic metal stream. With crisp melodic riffage, intricate drum patterns and aggressive vocals, the music does not pretend to take you on any dramatic rides or introduce you to the overtly disturbed-childhood syndrome, instead, only a sincere attempt at making the listeners enjoy the onslaught of pure metal.

EP 'Rise And Reconstruct' 2013 Track List :

1. Beyond Death : The Left Hand Path  Live 
2. Dimensions
3. Rise And Reconstruct ft.Shreyas Kandekar  Live 
4. Supernova  Live 
5. Battle Begins

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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