Girish And The Chronicles

Band Members :
Girish Pradhan - Vocals / Guitars
Suraz Karki - Guitars
Yogesh Pradhan - Bass
Nagen Mongrati - Drums
Krishh Dutta - Keyboards

Girish And The Chronicles is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Gangtok (Sikkim), formed in 18th of October 2009 by Girish Pradhan. The band is currently based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, known for their electrifying energetic live shows. Their originals draw inspiration from day to day struggles, war, interpersonal relationships, life onstage, backstage, offstage and reminiscing rock and roll experiences of the band. With a mixture of the sound of Power Ballads and the Hard Rock / Classic Metal sound, their fans are treated to a sound that was closer to the '70s, '80s era, a sound that not many bands today can capture. The result was the release of the album 'Back On Earth' in 2014, under the Universal Music Group label, fourteen tracks that took their fans on a trip into the era of the best of Rock.

Album 'Back On Earth' 2014 Track List :

1. End of Civilization  Mp3 Live 
2. Shot By The Cupid (Touched By The Devil)
  Mp3 Live 
3. Hey You!
4. I Wanna Get That Loving Again
  Mp3 Live 
5. Born With A Big Attitude
  Mp3 Live YouTube 
6. Loaded
  Mp3 Video Live Live YouTube
7. Angel  Mp3 Video Video Video Live Live Live
8. Revolving Barrel  Mp3 Live Live
9. Ride To Hell
  Mp3 Video Live Live Live YouTube 
10. Golden Crown
  Mp3 Live Live
11. A New Beginning
  Mp3 Video YouTube
Bonus Tracks
12. Yesteryears (Silver at Suncane Skale Fest 2010, Montenegro)
  Mp3 Video Live 
13. Smile Little Child (Operation Smile Theme Song)  Mp3 Video Live
14. Golden Crown (Official Song For Sikkim Football Association)  Mp3 Live Live

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Album 'Rock The Highway' 2020 Track List : [Not Yet Released]

1. Rock The Highway  Video 
2. Everynight Like Tonight
3. Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay
4. The Distance Between
5. The Sikkimese Dream
6. Bad Shepherd
7. She's Heavy Metal
8. The Rebel
9. Trapped Inside A Mirror
10. Wounded
11. Tears of The Phoenix
12. Identity Crisis
13. Walking The Line  Video 

Single Track List :

1. Rainin'
2. Hello Madam
3. The Endless Road  Video Live 
4. Last Stand ft.Diwash Rai  YouTube 
5. Fire Raptors  YouTube 
6. Immigrant Song (Tribute To Led Zeppelin)  Video 

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  1. GNC Is killler.....

  2. Please release the tracklist of Your new album "BACK ON EARTH". . . .

  3. Bought their new cd from amazon.in, very good sounding, that's melodic rock, typical stereotypical Nepali band, believe me 90% of nepali bands sounds like them, its in their blood,i'm an Indian, i stayed in nepal for many years, attented many rock shows by big bands in nepal and i totally appreciate it because they can really capture the western accent in their music, hopefully many more good bands like them come up in near future and light up the music scence in our country. By the way, i'm a huge huge 80's rock fan, i have built up a steady collection over the years, you can browse my music collection - http://rockkland.blogspot.in.
    Cheers from Guwahati, Assam.