Groove #3

Band Members :
Benny Dayal - Vocals / Percussion
  Naveen Samson - Guitars
  David Joseph - Drums
  Allwyn Jeya Paul - Percussion

Napier Naveen Kumar - Bass
Leon James - Keyboard / Harmony

Groove #3 is a Jazz-Funk band from Chennai, formed in 2010. Funk and jazz are genres that have always been commercially and creatively more viable in the southern half of the country. It has less to do with stereotyping and more to do with the general prevalence of similar strains of ethnic arts – like Carnatic and Hindustani – in the suburbia, that identify with the aesthetes of open jam improvs. In Chennai and thereabouts, these skills are epitomized by Groove #3, the city’s most potent new jazz combine. They started off in January 2010 as a three-man jazz band (hence, the ‘3’ reference), with Naveen Samson on lead guitars, David Joseph on the drums and Divyan Ahimaz on the bass. Benny Dayal a Known name in Indian Film Music joined the Band in early 2011. Since then the band toured and Played Extensively in Music festivals & renowned venues across the country.

Single Track List :

1. Fever
2. C'est Cinq!  YouTube 
3. Funk - 'E'
4. Nowhere To Run
5. Baby You Got Me

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