Band Members :
Deepak Menon - Vocals / Guitars
Viresh Qazi - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Nicky Chorwadi - Bass / Backing Vocals
Sheldon Dixon - Drums / Percussion

Metakix is a is a Heavy Metal band from Mumbai, formed in 1996 and disbanded in 2008. They has always unleashed music that is versatile and transcends genres. The music is driven by groovy heavy guitar riffs, accompanied by pounding bass riffage and attacking drums. Layers of spacey clean passionate vocals add the electric element to the music. Often the music is textured with distorted vocals, acoustic guitars or psychedelic sounds. Not to mention a regular dose of well-structured lead guitar solos. The band mixes various influences like Thrash metal, Indian classical and ethnic music and Rock.  

Demo 'Consume Raw' 2000 Track List :

1. High
2. She's The Incubus
3. Last Caress
4. Trippers Jam

Album 'Headlines' 2002 Track List :

1. The First Impression
2. She's The Incubus
3. Ocean Man
4. Soundcheck
5. High
6. Small Town Aggression (Instrumental)  Live  
7. 13 Deciples
8. AfterLife
9. A Suspended State of Being
10. Freudian Sonica
11. Standing Tall
12. Those Promising Lies
13. Waiting For Nothing

Album 'Connect & Inspire' 2007 Track List :

1. Back In The Zone
2. Hand In Hand  YouTube
3. You're Bloody Right  Video 
4. Duff Stereo Ruff
5. Lonestar  YouTube  
6. Only The Good Die Young  YouTube
7. True Alter
8. Forever
9. Anthem (Instrumental)
10. Pay Day Blues

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