Band Members :
Cristian Allen - Vocals / Guitars
Mohammad Kabeer - Drums

Necrofilth is a Grindcore band from Delhi, formed in early 2012.

Album 'Comprehension of A Grindcore Opus' 2012 Track List :

1. Death To Djent
2. Cunt Massacre
3. Double Death
4. Make Grind Not Love
5. Zero Tolerance For Stupidity
6. Children of The World / Adventures of Pedobear
7. Sky Faggot
8. Inferior Beings
9. My Name Is Satan (I Love You)
10. Hipster Holocaust
11. Keshav Dhar Is A Fucking Pussy
 12. I Lit Your Baby On Fire (Anal Cunt Cover)
13. I’d Rather Overeat Than Feed The Hungry
 14. Jungle Orgy

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Single Track List :

1. Cluster Headache
2. Rastafari Grinds Alone
3. I Worship Seth Phutnam
4. Solace
5. Fuck Music
6. Rape Train
7. Wrath of Pillow
8. Japanese Censored Porn
9. Beaten To Death

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