Band Members :
Parth - Vocals
Akshay - Guitars
Kanav - Guitars
Gaurav - Keyboards
Dev - Bass
Savy - Drums

PROVISSK is a Black Metal band from Jalandhar, Punjab. The members are from different regions of India who met at a University campus. Savy, Parth, Gaurav and Akshay from Delhi and Kanav from Himachal and Dev from Gorakhpur. After regrouping to it’s core line up Provissk started playing live in a matter of few weeks and took the metal scene. Provissk brings forth a fresh approach to Black Metal digressing from the new abrasive sound, concocting a mixture of extreme tremolo picking riffs and mellow solos. Bounded to the sacred, band's first eva black song is about the sacred spirits being praised by human, asking for exponents to eliminate his enemy. Brutal riffs weft on a melodic soundscape. Accentuated by intense breakdowns and superlayered with an equally black vocal lines and guitars adding intense drumming and bass which results in eargasmic melow-black cascade. This band is on brazen rampage and has been making waves in the past years.

Single Track List :

1. Bounded To The Sacred  Video 

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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