The Colors

Band Members :
Rohan - Vocals / Acoustic Guitars
Nilanjan - Guitars / Backing Vocals

Sujoy - Bass
Parnab - Drums
Gourab - Keyboards / Backing Vocals

The Colors is a Rock band from Kolkata, formed in 2008 and is the Pioneers of Hindi Rock in Eastern India. They believe that Music is the one of the strongest way of reflecting their life as well as their feelings and emotions. Making music is like an artist painting his thoughts with his wide range of colors and his efficient brushstrokes. If an artist can paint from his mind to his canvas, a musician can do the same but through music. “The Colors” as the band calls itself is constantly devoted in exploring the kaleidoscope of human emotions and also doing the gratifying yet challenging task of representing those feelings through musical colors. The band which have been working together for about a year has spend quite a lot of time in making a strong musical bondage amongst themselves.

Album 'Naya Din' 2010 Track List

1. Aur Ek Shaam
2. Jannat
3. Naya Din  Video 
4. Aankhen Teri
5. Ashqiya Aatma
6. Tum Mile  Video 
7. Madhuban
8. Umeed
9. Alvida
10. Naya Din (Reprise)

Single Track List :

1. Wajah  Live 
2. Ae Khuda
3. Freedom Song

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