When Everything Falls Apart (W.E.F.A.)

Band Members :
Kenneth Norma - Vocals
Van Vlh Sailo - Keyboards / Vocals
Fassen Majaw - Guitars / Vocals
Synshar Shylla - Bass
Daniel Breen - Drums

When Everything Falls Apart is a Melodic Metal band from Shillong, formed in the end of 2010 by Van and Fassen. The band first started out with a group of friends who shared the same passion for music and was formed. The band carries different connotations to the band’s name so they leave that at the scrutiny of those who listen to their songs. But honestly the history behind the actual name of the band was from a self titled song that was composed by their keyboardist, 'Van'. The lyrical content of that song holds a special place in each member of our group. Hence, the name “When Everything Falls Apart”. Their musical influences includes a lot bands crossing from many genres of Heavy Metal to Rock & Roll. Bands like Megadeth, Mutiny Within, Opeth, Evergrey etc. Their style of music can be defined as Old School Metal with a modern twist.

Single Track List :

1. Still Believe
2. Aggression
3. Fading Out
4. Cyclic Redundance

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