Asha Puthli

Asha Puthli is a singer-songwriter, producer and actress from Mumbai. She is one of the most successful vocalist ever to come out of India who has recorded ten solo albums for labels like EMI, CBS/Sony and RCA. Trained in Indian classical singing and a natural jazz improviser, she created her own unique sound in the  1970s - soft, slinky, sexy, meditative and chilled out. She is a 'world music' pioneer and an intrepid cosmopolite, best recognized for her daredevil vocals on the "Science Fiction" album by jazz iconoclast Ornette Coleman. Her recordings, which span styles like blues, pop, rock, soul, funk, disco and techno, have been produced by the likes of Del Newman (who has produced Elton John and Cat Stevens), and Teo Macero (who has produced Miles Davis and Vernon Reid). 

EP 'Angel of The Morning' 1968 Track List :

1. Angel of The Morning
2. Sound of Silence
3. Sunny
4. Fever

Album 'Asha Puthli' 1973 Track List :

1. Right Down Here
2. Neither One of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye
3. I Dig Love
4. This Is Your Life
5. Love
6. Lies
7. Let Me In Your Life
8. I'm A Song (Sing Me)
9. Truth

Album 'She Loves To Hear The Music' 1974 Track List :

1. She Loves To Hear The Music
2. Laughter In The Rain
3. Night And Day
4. You've Got To Tell Her
5. One Night Affair
6. You've Been Loud Too Long
7. Try Me
8. My Heart's Too Big For My Head
9. Call Me
10. Paper Doll

Album 'The Devil Is Loose' 1976 Track List :

1. Flying Fish
2. The Devil Is Loose
3. Hello Everyone
4. Wonder Why
5. My Buddy And Me
6. Say Yes
7. Space Talk
8. Our Love Is Making Me Sing
9. Good Night

Album 'Asha L'Indiana' 1979 Track List :

1. I'm Gonna Dance
2. Mister Moonlight
3. Music Machine (Dedication To Studio 54)
4. Dancin' Dandy
5. I'll See You Around
6. Legend of Thais
7. There Is A Party Tonight

Album '1001 Nights of Love' 1980 Track List :

1. 1001 Nights of Love
2. Lay A Little Love
3. Just One Look of Yours Eyes
4. Latin Lover
5. Peek-A-Boo-Boogie
6. My Love Won't Let You Down
7. How Long Is Forever
8. Prism of The Sun (Sung For Dieter)
9. 1001 Nights of Love (Reprise)

Album 'I'm Going To Kill It Tonight' 1981 Track List :

1. I'm Gonna Kill It tonight
2. Only Dreams Are Real
3. Love Song of A Divorced Woman
4. Black House No.40
5. Danger
6. Money (Watcha Gonna Do With It)
7. Don't Get Down
8. How I Feel
9. We're Gonna Bury The Rock With The Roll Tonight

Album 'Only The Headaches Remain' 1982 Track List :

1. Lay A Little Love
2. All-Out Dust
3. The Wave of Bliss
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Wild Sumurai
6. Before Its' Time To Go (I Think You For Your Love)
7. Mother's Lament (Bringing Up You)
8. Only Tears
9. Don't Need Nobody
10. Only The Headaches (Products) Remain

Album 'Hari Om' 1990 Track List :

1. Hari Om
2. Number Ke Chakkar Mein
3. Tum Boley O
4. Zehreela Hai Teh Nag
5. Chipko Chipko
6. Tere Dil Mein Rehna Hai (Let Me Inside Your Heart)
7. Lohapat Gamini Ki Lallima Ki Loop Loop

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Album 'The New Beat of Nostalgia' 1998 Track List :

1. Hawa Mein Udta Jaye
2. Dukhi Man Mera
3. Janey Kya Tuney Kahi
4. Tum Na Janey
5. Barsaat Mein
6. Ulfat Ki Nayee
7. Bahut Shukriya

Album 'Lost' 2007 Track List :

1. The Devil Is Loose
2. Lost
3. A Salty Dog
4. Love Unconditional
5. War, What For?
6. Tell Me Why
7. Shine In The Sky
8. Dum Maro Dum
9. Merey Dil May
10. My Prayer
11. L'Hymne À L'Amour

Album 'Lost II' 2008 Track List :

1. Merey Dil May
2. Tell Me Why
3. Love Unconditional
4. Shine In The Sky
5. Lost II
6. A Salty Dog
7. I Want You To Know
8. Hymne Amour

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Album Best of The 70s Remastered' 2011 Track List :

1. My Buddy And Me
2. Legend of The Thais
3. Music Machine
4. I'm Gonna Dance
5. The Devil Is Loose
6. How Long Is Forever
7. Let It Love
8. Latin Lover
9. Our Love Is Making Me Sing
10. I'll See You Around

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Single Track List :

1. Dancing Dandy
2. Truth  Mp3 

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