Gunpowder Accounts

Band Members :
Kishore Kamath - Vocals
Meghraj Chauhan - Guitars
Sriharsha Sheshanarayan - Guitars
Gopal krishna - Bass
Abhijith Janardhan - Keyboards
Arvind Shreyas - Drums / Percussion

Gunpowder Accounts is an Alternative Metal band from Bangalore, formed on 2nd January 2011. Their songs shows their hatred towards battle, violence and other absurd stuff that affects the peace and serenity of a lay man. It also at times goes towards the punk side. With Pounding Drums, Facemelting strings and keys and Screeching vocals. Gunpowder Accounts wants to convey to the crowd about their theories and terminologies and also to groove with them with the hypnotizing and mesmerizing music.

Single Track List :

1. E.S.C.A.T (Experimenting Self-Cannibalism And Torment)
2. Cubicle Conviction
3. Set It Free
4. Let The Guns Do the Talking

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