Band Members :
Abishek - Vocals / Guitars
Neelabh - Bass
Raghu - Drums

Hammerage is a Gothic / Doom Metal band from Bangalore, formed in 2005 by Neelabh and Raghu under the name 'Zyklon'. Originally formed as a pure thrash metal act they have now a wide plethora of doom influenced metal with varied amounts of acoustic overtones creating a sound that differentiates them from the others. The members of the band have shifted base to Germany and Finland. As of today the band has disbanded and ceases to exist.

Single Track List :

1. High Speed Steel
2. In The Absence of Absolute
3. Immortal Illusions
4. Subterfuge
5. Crystal Climb
6. Twisted Fantasies
7. Exit To Insanity
8. Solar Flare
9. Apocalypse

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