Band Members :
Reshma Pandya - Vocals
Manoj Pandya - Guitars / Music Arranger / Programmer
Rana - Vocals / Guitars
Mahesh Nimbalkar - Drums

Lambada is a Fusion / Rock band from Pune, formed in 1994. The band covers a wide repertoire of genres including Sufi, Classic Rock / Pop, Retro as well as new Bollywood and Fusion. They envisioned the importance of live music with an approach towards music that's boundless, infinite and beyond fixed genres. We created their own genre "Boundless Infinity". Integration of diverse performers, their styles and sounds are the true essences of their music. By incorporating different styles of music they try and create a sound that satisfies their audiences.

EP 'Antara, Musically Yours' 2012 Track List :

1. Des Des  Video  
2. Aasma  Video 
3. Gumshuda

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks


  1. Enjoyed your performance in Goa some years back during the lions function. would like to have your function in PCMC area for our Lions Club Of Pune Akurdi. contact me @ lionsakurdi@gmail.com . Lion S.Thyagarajan

  2. You guys are Awesome. Watched your show yesterday at Marvell outing ceremony.
    Thanks for such a amazing show !!