Link Factor

Band Members :
Anubhav Langthasa - Guitars / Vocals / Drums
Antara Hapila - Vocals

Link Factor is a Power / Symphonic Metal project from Guwahati, formed in the mid summers of 2012 by producer / engineer Anubhav Langthasa. Link Factor initially started as a full-fledged band but later disbanded and became more of a studio project. Their music is an amalgamation of hard hitting drums, super tight guitars, high pitched vocals, choir and epic orchestration.

Single Track List :

1. Lanes of Oblivion
2. Drift
3. Desolate Warfare ft.Antara Hapila
4. Miss You
5. Undivided Land
6. Tales From The Supernatural ft.George Greaves

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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