Band Members :
Kush - Vocals / Guitars / Songwriting
Mickey - Bass / Backing Vocals
Sumit - Drums / Percussion

Messiah is a Punk band from Delhi, formed in late 90's. They experimented with a bizarre range of selective covers and always with an emphasis on making their own songs, everything they played eventually ended up sounding like Messiah music. While they bandied categories like punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, everything was still distinctly Messiah - raw, in - your - face, and markedly different from everyone else. The members took a 5-year hiatus wherein Mickey and Sumit became professional sound engineers and Kush added degrees to his educational qualifications, it was the intermittent jams that kept the name alive. After all, jamming together had got under the band members skin, like blood. Now the band is together again with new-found maturity, skill, equipment, strength and the same old purity of purpose.

Album 'The Antidote' 2005 Track List :

1. Knocked Out Mouse
2. Love Rage
3. City Sadness
4. Take A Twist On Me
5. Season Hurts
6. Hey Johnny
7. Then We Go Out
8. Knocked Out Mouse(Acoustic)
9. Pe-Pe-Pe
10. I Know I Suck

Single Track List :

1. Boys Don’t Cry

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