Band Members :
Ritwik De - Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards
Ashish Mandhwani - Guitars / SFX
Hemant Chona - Bass / Synth
Jayant Parashar - Drums

MindFlew is an Indie-Rock band from Delhi. The band is a reincarnation of the band 'The Angry Mob' which was formed in 2006. Mindflew started of as a school band and the focus shifted from covering other artists to making music. As Angry Mob the band played at the Fete De La Musique 08 organized by Alliance Francais and its song was reviewed in the November 08 issue of Rolling Stones India. The bands single track 'No TV For Us' was then featured in a compilation album Furtados: Because You Love Music Vol.I. The band believes in making its own music and sticking to self compositions.

EP 'The Happy Sad' 2012 Track List :


1. No Space To Laugh
2. Dhik Chik Tak Chik  YouTube 
 3. Wakeup / Porno  YouTube 
4. Happy Sad Eat A Rat Love Song (Part I)

Single Track List :

1. Sapne - The Dream  YouTube 
2. Nightmare
3. No TV For Us
4. Being Ramesh
5. Fool
6. Ghost Not Ghost
7. O Beti  Video  
8. End Here Darling

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
Other Link :   Link 1  Link 2

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