Presumption Arc

Band Member :
Anish Islam - Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Drums / Keyboards

Presumption Arc is an Experimental Metal project from Guwahati, formed in early 2019. The debut album is been composed, recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Anish himself.

Album 'Since The Artifacts Has Fallen' 2019 Track List :

1. Seek The Minimum Strength  YouTube 
2. Resurrected Irenology  YouTube
3. Cursed Within The Lies  YouTube
4. Endless Sparks of Diminution  YouTube
5. Perceive Your Oddities  YouTube
6. The Maculate  YouTube
7. Concealed Hopes  YouTube
8. Theoktonical A.D.  YouTube
9. Through Veiled Measures  YouTube
10. March With Malverse  YouTube
11. Upon Mirror Morality  YouTube
12. Affable Degrees  YouTube
13. Perhaps of Inclination  YouTube
14. Way To The Schism  YouTube
15. In Her Affirms  YouTube
16. Mapped Away  YouTube

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