Band Members :
Harish Swaminathan - Vocals
Ashwin Ramakrishnan - Guitars
Arjun Vasudev - Guitars / Vocals
Thej Kiran - Bass
Karthik Narasimhan - Drums
Guest Musicians :
Vasudev Menon - Guitars / Vocals
Sinduja Shankarraman - Keyboards
Ram Kumar - Vocals

TWKC (Thundu Beedi, Water Packet, Kuchi Ice, Curd Rice) is an Alternative Rock band from Chennai, formed in 2008. Their influences and inspirations are drawn from everything that happens around them, the people they meet and this funny world they live in.

EP 'The Solar Haymaker' 2012 Track List :

1. Shut Up
2. Dog Eat Dog
3. Sky Daddy
4. The Rise And Fall of Muthupandi
5. Kindergarden Anthem

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