Soul'd Out

Band Members :
Chetan Awasthi - Vocals
Bhaanu Mendiratta - Guitars
Sajal Sharma - Bass
Abhijit Sood - Drums
Abhay Sharma - Saxophone

Soul'd Out is a Blues / Funk / Jazz band from Delhi, formed in the summer of 2011. Due to the vastly different musical influences of each member, their music is versatile and multi-faceted and the performance has vibes ranging from old school blues to funk and pop. Each member of the band has a very special relationship with music. Their love for the art is quite extraordinary. With influences ranging over different genres of music, Soul'd Out quite naturally has a very interesting sound, and the members aren't really concerned about how that sound can be defined/categozised. All that matters to them is that they have fun playing, which eventually spreads contagiously into the crowd.

Album 'Hurry Up' 2015 Track List :

1. Satin Girl  YouTube 
2. Hurry Up
3. Coming Home
4. Boogie Down
5. Corners
6. Paperplane
7. Coming Home (Unplugged)
8. Changing Shades  Live YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. Summer Hues
2. 12 Bar Blues
3. Play That Funky Games
4. About Time
5. Crashing
6. All Around Me

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