Space Behind The Yellow Room

Band Members :
Nihar Apte - Guitars / Vocals
Devasheesh Sharma - Guitars

Eshaan Sood - Bass
Shoumik Biswas - Drums / Vocals / Samples

Space Behind The Yellow Room is a Post Rock / Space band from Bangalore, formed in August 2012. It is a project that tries to break out of the structure of things and plays mainly instrumental with minimal vocals.

Album 'Conversations That Determine A Life' 2014 Track List :

1. Introduction
2. Teach Him To Dance  Video 
3. Beautiful Repetition
4. Call It A Prayer
5. Fight! Fight! Fight!
6. Testing Time, Letting Go
7. Victory Dance
8. Rest

EP 'Maybe 15' 2015 Track List :

2. And At Last

Single Track List :

1. Don't Be Difficult
2. Slow Down Before You Get Lost
3. Explosions
4. God Is A Little Boy
5. Speed Up Before You Get Left Behind
6. The World Is Over
7. Miscommunication
8. A Secret Not Meant To Keep

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