Treble Bite

Band Members :
Kevin - Vocals
Vikram - Guitars
Nishit - Guitars
Nikhil - Bass
Nachiket - Drums

Treble Bite is an Old-School Rock band from Mumbai, formed in early 2012 by Vikram.

Album 'Rock It Was, Rock It Is!' 2017 Track List :

1. More Treble Please  YouTube 
2. Burn With Me  YouTube 
3. Bad Bad Me  YouTube 
4. Rock It Was, Rock It Is  YouTube 
5. Live Free, Die Hard  YouTube  
6. The Only Hell I Know  YouTube 
7. Love Rider  YouTube 
8. She Kills With Wink n Wine  YouTube 
9. Nevermind  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. Explode
2. Demon Within
3. Gimme Some Booze
4. Yaara
5. Deewana Tera
6. Tera Pyaar Mein, It's Ok.
7. Lucifer

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