Band Members :
Jimmy Bhore - Vocals
Sidharth Kadadi - Guitars
Leon Quadros - Bass
Mayank Sharma - Drums
Akash Sawant - Sound Engineer

Zygnema is a Heavy / Thrash Groove Metal band from Mumbai, formed in December 2006. The band  loves to dig deep down on riffs that are heavy and groove oriented. This band is particularly known for their immensely energetic and aggressive live performances.

Album 'Born of Unity' 2010 Track List :

1. Phobia  YouTube 
2. 59  YouTube 
3. Into The Darkest Night  YouTube 
4. Scarface  YouTube 
5. Machine State Hibernation  YouTube  
6. Discriminate  Live YouTube 
7. Theory of Lies & Negation  Live YouTube 
8. National Disaster  YouTube 
9. Born of Unity  YouTube 

Download The Album

Album 'What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete' 2015 Track List :

1. Embryo  YouTube 
2. What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete  YouTube 
3. Shell Broken Hell Loose  Live Video YouTube 
4. Endangered  YouTube 
5. Conflict  YouTube 
6. Invidious I  Live YouTube 
7. In-Kog  YouTube 
8. Misguided (Prelude)  YouTube 
9. Reform Rebirth  Video YouTube 
10. The Phoenix Effect  YouTube 
11. A Design To Choose (ft.Sunneith Revankar)  YouTube

Single Track List :

1. I Am Nothing  Video 

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