Band Members :
The'Ang Teron - Vocals
I-kuru - Guitars

Terang Rai - Guitars
Desmai D.k.- Bass
Shongza (Boi) Terang - Drums

Trancemigrate is a Metal band from Karbi Anglong (Assam), formed in the summer of 2007 (now the band is relocated to Delhi since 2014). Trancemigrate has endured numerous name and lineup changes to get to where it is now. A melding of numerous personality quirks, musical influences and approaches to life, Trancemigrate are a bunch of self-taught DIY musicians who have a propensity for melody, groove and overall coolness.

Demo EP 'Emancipation Grace Falsehood' Track List :

1. Anomaly
2. Atmosfear
3. Somewhere Before Reaching The End  YouTube 
4. Youth And Them
5. Love Story In A Chinese Restaurant

EP 'Long-le Ethan' Track List :

1. Endangered Mikir Warrior
2. Kardom
3. Porongro
4. Longle Ethan

Album 'Vox Populi' Track List :

1. Fabric-Ate-It
2. Atmosfear
Richo Thin Langno
4. Control 
5. Anomaly
6. By The Lakeside
. Somewhere Before Reaching The End  YouTube 
8. Transmigraine

Album 'Mikir Arleng Karbi' Track List : [Not Yet Released]

1. Kenglongpo
2. Plateau Sleepy Hollow
3. Mosera Kihir
4. Simultaneous Amnesia
5. Cataleptic Bridge
6. Inviting Departure

Single Track List :

1. Requiem For An Awakening
2. Null  Video
3. Digimorph  YouTube 

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