Band Members :
Chakravartin Vladcult - Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Keyboards
Khaos Illuminant - Drums

Chhinnamasta is a Black Metal band from from Kolkata, formed in 2012. Their track 'Messiah (Hellhammer Tribute)' is been featured in a compilation album titled Kvltkata Baphometal Regiment - Ritual Ascension Fest Hymns.

Demo 'Chhinnamasta' 2014 Track List :

1. Into The Forest of The Cursed Light (Intro)
2. Messiah (Hellhammer Cover - Rehearsal Version)
3. Riding Towards The Black Tower In Mist
4. Cleansiege : Svarnayuga (Outro)
5. Transvaluation of Values (Bonus Track)

EP 'Vajra-Sarpa' 2016 Track List :

1. Nexion I - Ritual of Illumination And Consumption
2. In Search of A Primal Light
3. Nexion II - Reawakening Primeval Spells From The Farthest Cosmic Night

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