Gauley Bhai

Band Members :
Veecheet Dhakal - Vocals / Violin
Siddhant Mani Chettri - Guitars
Anudwatt Vigya Dhakal - Bass
Joe Panicker - Drums

Gauley Bhai is a Folk-Rock band from Bangalore, formed in October 2017. The band consist three of the band members from Kalimpong (West Bengal) and one from Kozhikode (Kerala). The band was formed around the time of the political strikes and movement in Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Their music emerges from contemporary Nepali culture, with influences of genres from Folk, RnB and Soul. Their songs lie in the spaces we ​inhabit - individual, social and ​political. Their music is shaped by their roots and influences and an attempt to reflect on the spaces they share, beyond borders of geography and language.

Album 'Joro' 2019 Track List :

1. Thupari Udi  Live YouTube 
2. Sanglanga Dooby  Live YouTube 
3. Simrayo  Live Live YouTube 
4. Nepali Ko Rela  Live YouTube 
5. Joro  Live YouTube 
6. Bhari  YouTube 
7. Ghamandi  YouTube 
8. Tallo Gaonko  YouTube 
9. Mo Ko Lai Diu  Live YouTube 
10. Morau  Live YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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