Band Members :
The'ang Teron – Vocals
Raikom Terang – Guitars
Yusuf Ghani – Guitars
Deshmai Kachari – Bass
Rishi Baruah – Drums

Dreamscapade is a Progressive Metal band from Delhi (basically from Assam), formed in 2013. The band was formed during the college days of the primary members and mostly played and concentrated on covers and college festivals. With more jamming and time, the band developed into an independent vision. This process was well received and interpreted by the addition of a fresh vocalist, a new perspective, a new voice. With a lot of diversity and different music styles, with members from different states of the country brought about their collection which resulted in this shape and form changing collective, a collective to address and inform through this art form. Their sound is a progressive elemental blend of old school metal elements with modern day progressive and classical time signature stacked into total madness and self-creation.

Album 'Software Reality 2017 Track List :

1. Intro
2. Motion Is Suspended
3. Comma
4. Lude
5. Eunoia
6. Outro

Single Track List :

1. Abnormalities

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