Pelican Shuffles

Band Members :
Varun Gujadhur - Vocals / Guitars
  Subhomoy Mitra - Bass
Aditya Duttta - Drums

Pelican Shuffles is a Rock band from Kolkata, formed somewhere in 2017. They radiate outrageous energy in their songs and have run riot in gigs all over the country.

EP 'All Shuffled Up' 2018 Track List :

1. Don't Turn It Off
2. Break Your Stance  Live 
3. Blown Away
4. Walk The Line  Video 
5. Hold On  YouTube 

EP 'Battleground Dreams' 2019 Track List :

1. Saturday Morning
2. Why Did You Do It?
3. Foolish Beings
4. Cold Shadows
5. Dreams

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