Yash Sahai

Yash Sahai is a Singer-Songwriter and Music Producer from Mumbai. 'Kangra Blues' is a fusion album composed and performed by Yash Sahai and the folk musicians of Gunehar, Himachal Pradesh. The album was created as part of ShopArt ArtShop 3 organized by the 4Tables Project, a not-for-profit organization. This remastered version of the album is a special private release intended for contributors to the residency program.

Album 'Kangra Blues' 2019 Track List :

1. Gunehar Appears From The Rain  YouTube 
2. The Shepherd Song  YouTube 
3. Drinking (Feat. Joginder)  YouTube 
4. No Mood To Dance  YouTube 
5. Somewhere New (Feat. Mahinder)  YouTube 
6. Ode To Shiva  YouTube 
7. In Spirit  YouTube 

Album 'Kangra Blues (Remastered)' 2019 Track List :

1. Gunehar Appears From The Rain
2. The Shepherd Song
3. Drinking (Feat. Joginder)
4. No Mood To Dance
5. Somewhere New (Feat. Mahinder)
6. Ode To Shiva
7. In Spirit

Single Track List :

1. If I Could
2. Stop Talking
3. Leaving
4. Lovers In Limbo
5. Seven Days A Week
6. Every Song For Sakina  YouTube 

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