Band Members :
Sreya Muthukumar - Vocals / Lyrics
Abhinav Srikant - Guitars
Govind Narayan - Bass
Prithvi Iyer - Drums

Shorthand is a Progressive/Jazz Rock band from Delhi. The members are from different cities and are influenced by different styles of music. The final product is an eclectic mix of soothing and innovative sounds.

EP 'A Map of Our Mind' 2019 Track List :

1. Window Noise  YouTube 
2. Midnight Traffic  YouTube 
3. Jam  YouTube 
4. You're Not Alone  YouTube 

Single Track List :

1. No Surprise  Video 
2. Impressions  Mp3 YouTube 
3. Springtime ft.Banjo Earth  Mp3 YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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