SpeakEasy Brownie

Band Members :
Adarsh Varghese - Vocals / Guitars
Jonathan Edward - Guitars
Sanju Moses - Bass
Alex Varghese - Drums
David Hanoch - Keyboards

SpeakEasy Brownie is a multi-genre band from Hyderabad, formed in October 2015. They draws a wide range of musical influences widely rannging from Western & Indian Classical, Gospel, Funk, Pop, Blues and Jazz to EDM, Classic Rock, Progressive Metal and Djent.

Single Track List :

1. Try  Mp3 YouTube 
2. Why So Serious?!  Mp3 
3. Fly Away  Mp3 YouTube 
4. Revving To Forever  Mp3
5. Rehearsing Joy
6. Funk-Struck Love
7. Do Good
8. Carry Away The Stars

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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