Band Members :
Karan Pote – Vocals
Abhimanyu Singh Negi – Guitars
Tiasunep Aier – Guitars
Chinmay Bokil – Bass
Naman Sachdev - Percussion

AbraXas is a Metal band from Pune, formed in September 2008, originally named as 'Rigor Mortis' in 2007. It has matured musically and lyrically over a year during which the band has had its share of ups and downs. The newly christened name, Abraxas (pronounced uh-brak-sahs) is an Egyptian reference to God and Satan as a single entity. Abraxas have been striving to push their boundaries, defying a genre-pigeonhole and coming through as a hybrid of melodic death & groove metal at its best. Abraxas inimitable brand of pure, aggressive melodic metal is a show that deserves to be witnessed live.

Singles Track List :

1. Eyes of  Disgrace
2. Sweet Suffering  YouTube  
3. Immaculation
4. Deviation
5. Blackened Memories
6. 7th Element
7. I Remember
8. Falling In Place 

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