Band Members :
Sahil Makhija - Vocals / Guitars
Devesh Dayal - Guitars
Aditya Kadam - Bass
Hamza Kazi - Drums / Backing Vocals
Former Members :
Riju Dasgupta - Bass
The Rajbot - Guitars

Workshop is a Comedy-Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2007. A polyrythmic drummer, a classic rock chromatic scale playing bassist and a fiery demonic monster all combined, with their powers united as one, a musical comedy of sorts is the best way to define the creative power of the Workshop. Playing a vast span of genres ranging from EMO to Garba to Bhangra to Pop but all injected with the venom of demonic metal is what the musical creations of Workshop could be classified under. The bassist Riju Dasgupta left the band in June 2011 and after that the band decided to call it quit. But again they are back in December 2011 with a new lineup changes.

Album 'Khooni Murga' 2009 Track List :

1. She Folked Up My Jazz
2. Pudhe Sarka (Means Go Ahead)  Live  
3. Chhati Ke Saath Panga (Song About Large Breasts And A Bandit Queen)
4. I Came
5. Garba Gandu (Garba Is A Kind of Dance And Gandu Means Ass)
6. How To Make A Demonic Omelet
7. Kothai Doro Cho (Where You Running To?)
8. Bunty Aur Malika Sherwat (Parody On A Bollywood Movie) YouTube 
9. Cookie Monster  Video Live
10. Khooni Murga (Murderous Chicken)

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Album "Made Love To The Dragon" 2013 Track List :

1. Made Love To The Dragon
2. Down To Dahisar
3. Bhoot Bungla
4. Munni Jawan Vs Sheila Jawan
5. Gajanand Dhige  Video 
6. She Came  YouTube 
7. Naagin Ki Nazar
8. Blues Motion
9. بنتيوماليكاشيرويت

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