Band Members :
Yuvraj Bajwa - Lead Vocals
Abhinav Malik - Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals
Anubhav Kapur - Rhythm Guitars
Deepak Kumar - Drums & Percussions
Chandan Ahuja - Bass Guitars / Backing Vocals

Afterdark is a Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2000, has always remained non-compromising with its style of music despite the fact that all the members come from different backgrounds and different musical interest, they merge together to form a specific entity. They has always been able to relate to the earliest beginings of Rock and Roll down to the late 90's and have a knack of conversing with an audience while performing with an understanding of the audience's pulse. Imbued with all the different elements of their influences and personalities, the band sounds a pleasant mix of metal, rock and alternative.

EP 'Spacestation Hell' Track List :

1. Breaking Silence
2. Spacestation Hell
3. Far Away
4. Live Again

Single Track List :

1. Lost In Time

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