Band Members :
Keegan Pereira - Vocals
Michael Lee - Guitars
Ruell Barretto - Bass
Levin Mendes - Drums
Amit Bharadwaj aka. DJ Mit - Turntables

Aftertaste is a Alternative / Funk band from Mumbai. Its been a journey that has borne witness to the communion of four God-fearing souls. With Michael Lee pounding an all-strings-attack on the stained glasses of corruption. Ruel Barretto, slapping the faces of the stiff-upper-lipped with some flavour-filled funk. Keegan Pereira, sermonizing the congregation with candid confessions of a catholic rebel. Levin Mendes, exorcizing the demons out of the monastery while pounding those tribal beats. And last but not the least is the new found sheep in the flock, a staunch convert and the first of the many to follow, Amit Bharadwaj a.k.a. Dj Mit, who will scuff and polish the edges of this newly baptized band. Together, this act of faith will demolish the vices of the vatican with a brand of music that will anoint the deacons and salvage them from the pagans of society. And as they stand on the pulpit of the Lord, these apostles will plead the blood of thy saviour, lift themselves into his hands and rapture the audience with an aftertaste that will be longed for and looked forward to in its second coming.

Single Track List :

1. Think King
2. Should We Beckon On?
3. Operation Water  Mp3
4. Wronged

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