Brute Force

Band Members :
Anand Altekar - Vocals / Guitars
Wayne Hu - Guitars
Aniket Mirji - Bass
Akshay Altekar - Drums

Brute Force is a Thrash Metal band from Pune, formed in 2005. Finding a common ground in music, they decided to take things to a new level. Rather than write the usual lyrics, they decided to focus on the issues relevant in Indian society today, and use their music as a way to get through to the people of India. Although their genre is mostly Thrash/ Heavy metal, they have added their own sound to their songs. 

Album 'Force Fed' 2008 Track List :

1. Ground Zero
2. Rise
3. Force Fed
4. Brute Force
5. Opportunity Denied... Slaughter The Corrupt
6. Axis
7. Forgotten Heroes  YouTube 
8. The Elite

Single Track List :

1. Recipe For Disaster

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