Band Members :
JK - Vocals
Nikhil - Guitars
Vishnu - Bass
Manu Krishnan - Drums

Chaos is a Thrash Metal band from Trivandrum (Kerala), formed somewhere in 2004. The band is reputed for the loud and heavy music that they've been playing when they started gigging. Known for their tight and aggressive performances live, the quartet garnered impressive reviews for their debut release, Violent Redemption. The music is fast and frenetic with the aggression not compromising the inspired quality of the musicianship that seeps out of every track.

Demo 'Violent Redemption' 2009 Track List :

1. Play The Game, or The Game Plays You...
2. Gods of Death
3. Saint
4. Lucretia (Megadeth Cover)
5. Cowboys From Hell (Pantera Cover)

 Album 'Violent Redemption' 2013 Track List :

1. Ungodly Hour  YouTube
2. Torn  YouTube
3. Game  Video YouTube 
4. War Crime
5. Saint  YouTube
6. Heaven's Gate  YouTube 
7. Blacklash  YouTube
8. Merchant of Death  YouTube
9. Self Deliverance  YouTube
10. Cyanide Salvation  YouTube
11. Violent Redemption

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Album 'All Against All' 2017 Track List :

1. The Great Divide  YouTube 
2. The Inevitable Genocide  YouTube 
3. All Against All  Video Live YouTube 
4. Indoctrination  YouTube 
5. Death To The Elite  YouTube 
6. The Enemy  YouTube 
7. Patrons of Pain  YouTube 
8. Asylum  YouTube 
9. Portrait In Blood  YouTube  
10. The Escape  YouTube 

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Single Track List :

1. The Serpent's Kiss
2. Rise From The Ashes  Video 

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  1. I am very fan of this band. I always try to be updated about their new song.